ROOTS Foundation uses the power of media to affect change in both individuals and the community at large.

Abyssinia: The Journey of Change – Documentary


ROOTS is embarking upon a feature documentary project chronicling its school/community intervention programme, Abyssinia. Watch the trailer>>>

Check Yourself

The ROOTS Check Yourself initiative was born out of this very idea. Its intention is to use printed media to show youth real scenarios they could encounter on a daily basis. They are then are presented with various choices for each scenario and the resulting consequence of each choice. Seeing how easy it is to make the wrong decision and the graveness of the attached consequences will hopefully encourage the youth to make the right choice, despite the temporary pleasures or miscalculated benefits that may be attached to the wrong choices.

By partnering with Story Play Media Ltd., we have integrated Check Yourself into a communications campaign where entertainment meets social impact. The campaign, uses a cartoon short titled, Big Man Dan (BMD), and PSAs titled #BigTings: Check Yourself (BTCY) to counter criminal choices and violent extremism.

3 BMD-BTCY-Cover Image

Each Episode of BMD sees animated characters Dan and Sheila tackling exaggerated cartoon foes based on relatable, everyday challenges faced by real people in Trinidad and Tobago. Watch the show trailer>>>

Five BTCY PSAs, which pluck examples of crime and violent extremism from Trinidad and Tobago’s local media headlines, will be distributed alongside each BMD short to encourage youths to do #BigTings (big things) instead of #BadTings (bad things). The content’s emphasis is on making aspirational choices to promote self-regulation (Check Yourself).