ROOTS takes action to preserve oral traditions and empower communities through producing and participating in international festivals.

Cascadoo: Caribbean New Voices International (CNVI)

Our spoken word festival, Cascadoo: Caribbean New Voices International (CNVI),  features both local artists and artists from around the globe coming together to host panchayats (workshops), open mic sessions, pan yard experience, poetry and music concerts. The experience culminates in a showcase of performances, love and good vibes.


The Cascadoo Festival seeks to give youth an experience where they are encouraged to use spoken word and other oral traditions to express themselves in ways they may not have thought possible. It also provides the youth with an avenue for the development of these creative talents that may have been underdeveloped or overlooked.


Cascadoo CNVI 2018 is titled NAPPY : Naturally Articulate, Promoting PositivitY. August will see us gather for this amazing event once again.


Below are some galleries of years gone by

Photo Galleries : Cascadoo CNVI

Cascadoo CNVI 2017: SNGS 2.0South North Griots Summit 2.0


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Cascadoo CNVI 2016: LOVELetting Opinions ValuE


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Cascadoo CNVI 2015: WORDSWriting Or Reading Derives Satisfaction


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Cascadoo CNVI 2014: CLIPChanging Lives In People


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Cascadoo CNVI 2013: VOCALVoices Of Canadian Artists across Latitudes


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Brave New Voices

Brave New Voices (BNV) International Youth Poetry Slam Festival is a spoken word slam competition focused on youth aged 13-19. Participants gather from all across the United States and several cities and countries from around the world. BNV is one of the largest ongoing spoken word events in the world. Cities compose teams of four to six of their top youth poets to bring to the festival.

ROOTS Foundation has participated in BNV several times. The first trip was to Washington at the 11th annual BNV in 2008. Eight years later, we returned to the festival sending teams to represent T&T at the 19th annual BNV in 2016 and in again in 2017 and 2018.

T&T’s successes at BNV

Jus ah lil taste” – BNV 2016: The 19th edition returned to Washinngton DC. Shineque Saunders won the competition I too, am America in the category Education in High Schools with her poem My Name.

Victory is near” – BNV 2017: The 20th edition was held in the Bay Area, San Francisco. T&T qualified for the Semi Finals of BNV.

We Have the Formula” – BNV 2018: The 21st edition was held in Houston, Texas. ROOTS Foundation teamed with Smart Aleks to earn T&T a spot at the Grand Finals of BNV placing second to Baltimore by 0.1 point. Jeremy Saunders won the competition Coal + Ice earning him a spot at the annual Coal + Ice festival in San Francisco in September, 2018. Sharifa Selman placed second to Atlanta at the MC Olympics HipHop contest.

Some Highlights

Why Poetry is the Best Medium for kids who want to change the world

One of the poems that took the team to the Grand Finals, Accents.

Emotions take center stage at Houston poetry festival.

T&T’s Kalenda Poets Placed Second in BNV Poetry Slam Festival in Texas.

T&T’s Kalenda Poets make history, grab second at int’l poetry festival.

T&T’s Brave New Voices.

T&T Place 2nd at International Youth Poetry Slam Festival