[Storytelling, Training, Reading, Entrepreneurship, Arts and Mentorship]

main goal

The goal of ROOTS STREAM is to lend further credence to the notion that spoken word poetry through its rich indigenous traditions can serve as a psychoeducational vehicle for enhancing resilience against gang recruitment and violent extremism by providing alternatives to, and reducing the risk profile of, vulnerable youth in at-risk circumstances and opportunity youth to criminal involvement. The STREAM model will be facilitated at:

NALIS Public Libraries Nationwide


Measuring Success For The ROOTS STREAM Model

Objective 1

Youth participating in ROOTS STREAM will learn about oral culture, social learning, and psychoeducation, which will encourage them to make positive changes in their behavior.

Objective 2

Youth participating in ROOTS STREAM will be introduced to international best practices in the arts, such as writing techniques, performance styles, and social activism, which will help them become global citizens.

Objective 3

Youth participating in ROOTS STREAM will engage in cultural exchanges that promote community building and mutual respect, with the aim of creating social change.

Objective 4

Youth participating in ROOTS STREAM will gain 21st century skills that will enhance their human capital.