[Creative Academy For EduTainmenT]

ROOTS CAFÉTT is a youth-friendly innovative, creative talent incubator designed to create multi-hyphenated ‘glocal’ leaders, who are agents of social change, through the promotion of independent and critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. 

ROOTS CAFÉTT supports the international best-practice of 21st Century Libraries, a new and innovative learning destination that are open, transparent spaces that invite youth communication and collaboration – Learning Commons.

ROOTS CAFÉTT provides skill training in photography and filmmaking open to Young Adults (16-24) and Older Adults (25-30) with minimum or no experience in photography and filmmaking. Participants must possess a basic competency skill in reading, writing and computer literacy and must have the following:

  • National Library Card [Forms: Young Adult or Mature Adult or Register Online] ❑ DSLR Camera or Smartphone
  • Laptop or Tablet
  • Stationery (notebooks, pens and pencils)
  • Portfolio of their works (where applicable)

At the Core of ROOTS CAFÉTT


Beyond The Lens

ROOTS CAFÉTT is designed to introduce participants to the fundamental principles of photography and filmmaking through the Beyond the Lens course. This course equips participants with the tools needed to effectively and efficiently manage general film and photography equipment to create content for change.


ROOTS CAFÉTT will shift the paradigm from library outreach activities to civic and community engagement using aspects of our Storytelling Training Reading Entrepreneurship Arts Mentorship (STREAM) pedagogical youth development model.

Measuring Success For The Beyond The Lens Model

Objective 1

By the end of the one-year course participants will understand how to record still and moving images in various contexts.

Objective 2

By the end of the one-year course participants will apply technical considerations in capturing still and moving images.

Objective 3

By the end of the one-year course participants will evaluate visual and technical codes for capturing images across a range of media.

Objective 4

By the end of the one-year course participants will competently create their ROOTStories and Words in Motion content along with a professional photo and film portfolio