Meet The Team

Our Board of Directors

Ronnie Bickramdass: Chairman

Ronnie is an Instructor 1 at the University of Trinidad and Tobago and multitasks as a Robotics facilitator. He is a professional certified cricket coach, commentator, and series producer. Ronnie achieved the prestigious honor of winning the Prime Minister's Awards for Innovation and Invention in 2004, showcasing his exceptional talent and groundbreaking contributions in his field.

Dr. Dylan Kerrigan: Vice Chairman

Dr. Kerrigan is a United Nations Peace and Development Officer for the English and Dutch Speaking Caribbean. Dylan was a former lecturer and researcher at the University of the West Indies and Leicester University. He is an author and consultant. Dylan holds a PhD in Anthropology and is an expert ethnographer and social historian.

Salim "Doc" Razzaq: Director

Salim is a poet and foundation member of ROOTS Foundation. He is a Retired Registered Nurse specializing in Trauma and Emergency Nursing Practical Examiner, Intravenous Trainer Certification, and Mentor in the Ministry of Heath Mentorship Programme mentoring over 250 newly qualified Nurses. He is the Director of Health and Education and foundation member of the Islamic Resource Society. Salim holds a Certificate in Social Work, Trauma and Emergency Nursing and Phlebotomy.

Keisha Ramirez: Secretary

Keisha is a life coach, mentor and advisor. Keisha has been involved in training and development for the past decade. Keisha holds an ADM in Management and is currently completing a BFA in Fashion Design and is the Owner and Fashion Designer at Undine Rose.

Hazel "Hadiyah Solwazi" Cyrus: Treasurer

Mtima Solwazi: Consultant

Emmanuel Villafana: Youth Director

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