This exhilarating journey culminates in a spectacular showcase of performances, where love and positive energy fill the air. Get ready to be inspired, uplifted, and immersed in an unforgettable celebration of artistic expression at Cascadoo.

Cascadoo Caribbean New Voices International Festival


Cascadoo Caribbean New Voices International Festival of Spoken Word was launched in 2013 at the National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS) as an annual spoken word festival which features local and international poets on a global platform for cultural exchanges for CHANGE.

Cascadoo Festival: Empowering Youth Through Creative Expression

Cascadoo Caribbean New Voices International Festival

VOCAL featured N’th Digri, Motion, Eddy DaOriginalOne, Manchilde & Dwayne Morgan (Canada)

 CLIP featured Lamont Carey (USA), Miss Quote (USA), Ritallin (Canada), Muslim Belal (UK), Randy
McLaren (Jamaica) & Thobs the Zulu Queen (South Africa)

WORDS featured Amal Kassir (USA), Malcolm London (USA), Marshall Davis Jones (USA), Suli Breaks(UK) & El Jones (Canada)

LOVE featured Amir Sulaiman (USA), Hawa Rahman (USA), Ahmad Iklas (UK), Kat Francois (UK), Randell Adjei (Canada), Kym Dominique-Ferguson (Canada), Abdul Hammoud (Australia) & Emerson Alcalde (Brazil)

SNGS 2.0 featured N’th Digri (Canada), Eddy DaOriginalOne (Canada), Dwayne Morgan (Canada), Randy McLaren (Jamaica), Lamont Carey (USA), Amal Kassir (USA), Amir Sulaiman (USA), Hodari B. Davis (USA) & Candice Antique (USA)

NAPPY featured Young Gifted and Black (USA) & ROOTS BNV Team (T&T)

TEAM featured ROOTS Foundation Teaching Artists

SOLO featured Cascadoo TV 2013 to 2019 Virtual Showcase

 BEST featured ROOTS Poetry Slam “I Have Something to Say!”

Cascadoo is TEN featured ROOTS Kalenda Poets & dStorySpeller @ Festival of New York

Cascadoo is BACK featuring ROOTS Kalenda Poets (T&T) & Urban Word New York Slam Team (USA)


Under the Patronage of US-based Trini-born Sauce the Rapper and in continued partnership with NALIS, Cascadoo CNVI Festival of Spoken Word is held annually in New York and POS.

Held during the week of the New York City Poetry Festival (29-30 July), and in Port of Spain during the week of International Youth Day (12 August).

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